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Dr. med. Petra Wermuth


  • 1998 University degree in medicine

  • 2012 Thesis at the University of Basel

  • 1996-98 Surgery, Berlin, teaching hospital of the Charité

  • 1998-99 Gynecology and obstetrics at Regensburg, Schwelm and Velbert

  • 2000-02 Gynecology and obstetrics at regional hospital Thun (Dr. med. H. Buess)

  • 2002-06 Gynecology and obstetrics at Universitäs-Frauenklinik Basel (Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h. c. W. Holzgreve)

  • Special rotation: Departement of ultrasound in gynecology and obstetrics (Mrs. Prof. Dr. med. S. Tercanli)

  • 2007-08 Senior physician at Bürgerspital Solothurn (Mrs. Dr. med. F. Maurer)

  • 2008-15 Senior physician at Bruderholzspital (Prof. Dr. med. S. Heinzl, Dr. med. D. Hänggi, MBA HSG)

  • From 2016 Senior physician at Bethesdaspital, Basel (Dr. med. H. Huemer) 

Certificats of skills:

  • Certificat of skills in ultrasound during pregnancy

  • Senology



Verheiratet, drei Kinder


Russian, English, French 

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